Visual Effects (VFX) involves the integration of live-action footage and digitally generated imagery, it's associated with the creation of realistic elements and environments that would be impossible to be captured on film.
IMPORTANT: The price estimates below are for producing a single visual effects shot.
Remember that these are price estimates, for more specific values it will be necessary for us to elaborate a quote according to a detailed project briefing and scope.

VFX Shot - Category 1: Low Complexity

Duration - One shot of 5 to 30 seconds
Price - USD 600 to USD 900

VFX Shot - Category 2: Medium Complexity​​​​​​​

Duration - One shot of 5 to 30 seconds
Price - USD 2,200 to USD 4,400

VFX Shot - Category 3: High Complexity

Duration - One shot of 5 to 30 seconds
Price - USD 5,000 to USD 12,000

These are the factors that determine the complexity level of a project:

- Total length of the video
- Amount of animated elements
- Amount of unique behaviors of the animated elements
- Amount of time that needs to be spent on the completion of the production
- Level of knowledge and experience needed to perform the involved techniques
- Number of unique visual elements that need to be created to meet the goals of the brief
- Number of different techniques involved in the execution
- Level of sophistication of the design
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