An Opening Intro, also known as just an "Intro", is a short video that introduces the content that will come next. It is essentially aesthetic, playful, and artistic, with the intention of attracting attention and involving the audience. An Opening Intro, when well thought out and produced, will convey quality, presence, and professionalism to your content, besides being something remarkable that people will remember. See below for some examples and understand more details.
Remember that these are price estimates, for more specific values it will be necessary for us to elaborate a quote according to a detailed project briefing and scope.

2D Intros
This type of Opening Intro seeks to convey sensations and concepts to your content dynamically, innovative and visually with two-dimensional animation. This type of production uses graphic elements, illustrations, photos. Basically everything that doesn't have depth and realism.

Category 1: Low Complexity 2D Intro

Duration - 6 to 10 seconds
Price - Between USD 800 and USD 1,500

Category 2: Medium Complexity 2D Intro

Duration - 6 to 10 seconds
Price - Between USD 1,500 and USD 2,500

Category 3: High Complexity 2D Intro

Duration - 6 to 15 seconds
Price - Between USD 2,500 and USD 3,500

3D Intros
The 3D animation adds much more dynamic and captivates the gaze of the perception of tridimensionality. A closer perspective to the human eye with the use of depth and realistic elements. 

Category 4: Low Complexity 3D Intro

Duration - 6 to 10 seconds
Price - Between USD 2,000 and USD 3,500

Category 5: Medium Complexity 3D Intro

Duration - 6 to 10 seconds
Price - Between USD 3,500 and USD 7,000

Category 6: High Complexity 3D Intro

Duration - 6 to 15 seconds
Price - Between USD 8,000 and USD 18,000

These are the factors that determine the complexity level of a project:

- Total length of the video
- Amount of animated elements
- Amount of unique behaviors of the animated elements
- Amount of time that needs to be spent on the completion of the production
- Level of knowledge and experience needed to perform the involved techniques
- Number of unique visual elements that need to be created to meet the goals of the brief
- Number of different techniques involved in the execution
- Level of sophistication of the design
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